Is there an organization with lesser backbone than the UN?

The United Nations seriously needs to reconsider its priorities. Gaddafi is killing his own people every which way possible and the only thing the UN came up with is a resolution against them enforcing some kind of embargo. Seriously that is like taking a needle to fight a nuclear bomb. At this point, all Gaddafi seems to care about is staying in power and to pull this off, he is sending planes against his own people while at the same time raving like a maniac. How exactly does an embargo help?

Of course, some foreign ministers say they will think of a military option if this becomes a humanitarian crisis. At what point do you define something as a humanitarian crisis – after 1000 people die or after a million. I am sure the people in Libya are really reassured and they will eagerly be counting the dead while trying to stay alive.

This is so sad in so many ways. The world never seems to learn from its mistakes. When faced with a guy who loves power as much of Gaddafi does, there is no amount of negotiations that will help. I was listening to a Libyan diplomat yesterday on radio who said the best case option for Libya would be someone close to Gaddafi, like his son, killing Gaddafi and the worst case would be a civil war. When the situation is so hopeless, isn’t the last option (military) the only option.

Look I rarely advocate military option but if the diplomats know that all the other options have no chance of success, shouldn’t they just start attacking to save some lives. At least enforce a no fly zone. I don’t have much hopes that this is going to happen but one always hopes people come to their senses.

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