I know this is a really strange topic for me to write about but recently I discovered that I am in love with gardening. Granted, it could be a fleeting love, especially given the amount of work required but then again maybe it will lead to me finding my calling in life. Become a professional gardener and then a farmer :). My wife is probably glad her parents don’t read blogs. They would be aghast to know their son-in-law has such lofty aspirations (please note in India being a farmer is not what you would consider a decent job).

It felt like I have always wanted to garden.This got me thinking – what is it that led to this love affair with gardening. After thinking about it for a while, it all came back. When I was a little boy way back in the day, my friends and I decided that we wanted to grow a rose plant in each of our houses. Apparently, for rose to grow, all you need is a piece of the stem or so we were informed. No internet meant we could not verify this. As an aside, I am still stumped to know what my cousin’s reaction would have been. See, his way of validating anything is going to the internet and finding a site that validates what he claims :).  Well, going back to the story, we convinced the owner of a rose plant to part with some stems. To be honest, it might have been that we jumped the wall (or at least my friends did. I was too fat to do any such jumping) and cut it ourselves but over time, I have convinced myself we did it the right way. Of course, being the youngest guy in the gang, I got the saddest stem you will ever see. The other guys took the ones with the roses and lots of leaves. I got the remaining piece. Boy was I jealous.

Anyway, I took it back home and planted it in my garden. I took care of it like it meant the world to me. To make sure it survived the heat, I watered it regularly (this was before the days of water problems struck Chennai. Ah the good days before running behind a truck with a bucket) . Since there was no Google, it was impossible to research the things you need to grow a rose plant. My house had this huge mango tree (still does) and the dead leaves were my idea of mulch and manure. Aah, the wonders of an education and the imagination of youth. Anyway, after a while my rose plant started to flower. All the other guys had their rose plants die on them – ha, karma.Yeah, I can be vindictive. Might have even rubbed it in.

I remember the plant going strong for a year or so till I came from school one day to see that it was replaced with my dad’s car garage. Ah well, you cant have everything in life.

But anyway, I am proud to announce that I am back to gardening even if it is for just 3 or 4 days. The new game now is to identify if the small green thing which is growing near my bulb is actually my dahlia or a weed :).

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