Observations from the IPL final – 2010

The final between Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians was one of the few IPL games I saw live this year. Most of the other games, all I managed to catch were the highlights.

Initially the way Chennai started, I thought they were definitely going to lose. Suresh Raina definitely played well but boy the fielding was pretty pathetic. I would have guessed that routine catches would be taken by the teams but I was mistaken. In fact, in my opinion that was one of the biggest differences between the two sides, the other of course being captaincy. I will talk about the stupid captaincy later but you would guess a team with Jonty Rhodes as the fielding coach would be light years better than the other team. This is the guy who was electrified the art of fielding. Instead it looked like Ashok Malhotra (forgotten him have you?) came back to replace all the 11 guys on the field.

Now to the captaincy and coaching – why on earth would you not send Pollard earlier? Seriously. If he had come in earlier and struck some of those blows, the pressure would have shifted to the bowling side. This would have been especially true with some decent batsman to come after him. All a coach (Robin Singh here) needs to do is assess the situation and send in your best bat. Instead he decides to send Harbhajan Singh at 4 – seriously? What the hell was he smoking?

On a slightly sad note, this was the first time in my life that I was excited when Sachin got out. It was definitely a weird emotion. It took me a whole day to get my head wrapped around this.

I also wish I didnt have to hear that crap speech by Modi. While he might have been the brain behind the whole thing, I thought it was the most inappropriate speech. Instead of listening to how the game played out, we had to listen to his stupid speech.

I am also impressed with the popularity of the thing. Someone told me recently that the newly formed Kochi team was worth more than the LA Lakers – wow. That definitely is impressive.Of course, I am convinced that Mumbai would have won with Phil Jackson coaching them :). He would have definitely looked at Pollard, decided Pollard can hit and sent Pollard in.

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