“The Hindu”

I will come out and state that I am a news junkie. Reading news seems to take most of my free time – if there is a way to make a living out of it, somebody please let me know :).

Anyway, this is to talk about one newspaper in particular – The Hindu. I grew up reading this paper. I remember rushing to get the paper everyday when I was still in Chennai. If someone else got to the paper before I did, I would beg them to give me the sports section. That was the only thing that interested me. as a kid As I grew older, I added the international section to the list of things I read. By the time I was finishing up my undergrad, I would read it from top to bottom.

When I came to the US, having the newspaper was one of the things I started missing quite a bit. I am not talking about the physical newspaper but the content of “The Hindu”. I would try to satisfy my cravings with a visit to the website – hindu.com. only to find that it was absolutely the crappiest website of all. Slowly I just gave up.

Every time I felt nostalgic or wanted to get some specific news about India, I would still start with the website. Anyway, recently I visited their website and was shocked to see that they are trying to improve their website. After 10 long years, it looks like the folks who run the paper seem to have realized that having a good website is a necessity. Seriously, it took them 10+ years to realize the impact of the web – wow.

Anyway, go ahead and take a look if you were a fan of the Hindu. The URL is beta.thehindu.com. I should warn you that I have gotten a number of Apache errors when you try to access their website – obviously it is still very much a ‘Beta’ site :). But I have it back on my firefox toolbar.

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