My girl is growing

I know this sounds like an odd topic but I think every parent tries to solve this conundrum – you want your baby to grow so your life becomes more normal but at the same time you feel sad every time he/she grows up and becomes more independent.

The roles in our house are pretty typical I guess. My wife likes to baby my daughter and I like to make her more independent. This at least is what my justification for doing what I do which is probably nothing :). Anyway, my daughter loves the pacifier. It is not even funny how much we need it. I think we forgot it one time and paid a heavy price – everybody ended up shouting at everybody else while my daughter was pretty much bringing the roof down. Anyway, the last few days my daughter has been doing better without it but we still use it when she starts crying too much and all of us are either busy or not in a mood to lift her to play (actually the last could be just me). So last Wednesday, this happened and we left the pacifier in her mouth. She spits it out pretty often and then cries till one of us rushes to place it back in her mouth.

Well, this morning, she spit it out and then while we were observing her, she started doing her best to get the thing back in her mouth by turning her head and trying to suck it in. I am not sure she could see it properly but she could definitely feel it. She kept at it pretty vigorously and after a couple of minutes managed to get it into her mouth. It was a pretty solid effort. While she was doing that, I went through a range of emotions. I badly wanted to rush in and get it into her mouth to stop her from putting so much effort. Another part of me wanted to just see how long she tries before finally giving up and crying. Another part of me wanted her to succeed pretty badly. The previous time she tried this, the first emotion won out. But eventually all of us were staring at her and when she finally managed to get it into her mouth, we were all elated. My baby managed to do her first action without needing anyone’s help – okay the first action other than suckling, crying and pooping. I felt so proud that she managed to do it while at the same time feeling sad that she had taken her first step towards independence.

Oh well, maybe I will get more sleep sometime in the next 18 years :).

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