Favre back in Green Bay

In preparation for watching Favre back in Green Bay, I was trying to complete some work while leaving the TV on mute. Of course, the game that was on was Cleveland at Chicago and I could not resist watching my Bears. To be honest, I have not seen a team play worse than Cleveland did. Oh boy. Is Brady Quinn really that bad that he can’t replace Derek Anderson? Seriously? Does Eric Mangini actually get payed for that superb performance? I also thought the Bears played pretty badly – I am pretty sure there is no way they are making the playoffs.

Now to the game in question – there was no question Favre played beautifully. In my opinion, the booing was well deserved. I thought I would end up supporting Favre and the Vikings but I guess I have been in Wisconsin for too long. I felt really sad for the Packers – they had one of the worst half I have seen. While I will never agree that it was a good decision to trade Favre, I think even he would have had a real tough time with that offensive line. The play calling also was a bit lacking and that pretty much made it a pretty sad day of football watching. Both the Packers and the Bears suck – at least the Packers might be a wild card. I don’t have much hope for my Bears.

I was seriously contemplating dressing up in a Favre Vikings jersey with a score of 100 – 0 in favor of the Vikings for Halloween. Is that not the nightmare situation for any Packer fan :)?


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