My kingdom for a bed

Jeez, who knew having a baby will teach you how important sleep is to a person. The first two weeks were just bizarre – I was feeling sleepy all the time. Then I did the smart think that most Indians do and pawned off my daughter to my mother-in-law. But still the importance of continuous sleep hit me right in the face. I would get 3 or 4 chunks of 2 to 3 hours and still not end up with enough sleep. I wonder why this is. I have been trying to read up on the internet to see why continuous sleep is important and I have not seen too much information.

Anyway, that essentially put a kibosh on my running. The only running I have been doing the last few weeks has been running to the crib whenever my baby decides she misses us. And boy, do they make their displeasure really clear (I should say loud and clear). I still cant figure out how something that small can bring down the house. When she is crying, she has all 4 of us around her playing the clown to get her to calm down. Jeez.

Hopefully I will get back to running. I have been doing 2 mile runs in the evening the last week and I will probably stick to the evening schedule for sometime.

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One Comment on “My kingdom for a bed”

  1. Anand Subramani Says:

    Hi Guppy,

    enjoy these moments…,make sure u record them might want to revisit them in future.


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