Brett Favre’s latest comeback

I am posting after a real long time and as usual the first thing that comes to mind (other than Usain Bolt’s run in the worlds) is Brett Favre and his return to the NFL.

Personally, I think he took a choice that works for him. People should not be so upset with this idea of coming back. If someone gets paid 25 million to do something he/she loves, I don’t have a problem with it. Can you name one person who would not do it – rivals be damned. The Packers screwed him over last time and still there are other teams that think he is going to help them win games. I agree the drama is a little bit too much but isn’t it more media created than something he did. All he did was stay in Mississippi and throw to a couple of high school kids. My only complain is that he did not join the team before training camp started and that sends a crappy message to the rest.

All this does not mean I am going to start supporting the Vikings. I hope Favre does well – he is my all time favorite NFL player but Go Bears!!! I think there is a good chance the Vikings will win the division with the Packers a close second. For some reason I don’t trust the Bears defense – they really took a step back last time around.

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