Madison half marathon

I ran the half marathon this weekend and it was a blast. Finally I managed to finish it in under 2 hours (1:57:39). I shaved nearly 30 seconds per mile from my previous one in Chicago 🙂 -. Of course the bad thing was that by the end of this one, I was completely burnt out. It was a lot more tiring than the Chicago one.

Some observations:

  • Easily the best course I have run (of the two that I have :)). We racers made our way near two lakes and the views were absolutely phenomenal. The views probably helped me along initially.
  • They need way more port a potties at the start. I got to somewhere near the start line at 6:15 and ended up waiting for 40 mins at the pot a potty. I had to run to join the race on time and I ended up starting way at the back instead of with my pace team. I had signed up for the 2 hour pace team but luckily I did not need them.
  • They also need more Gatorade especially in the last few miles. Near the end it felt like they were spaced too far apart. I was running on fumes towards the end.
  • There were a couple of people serving beer unofficially at around the 8th mile. That was totally cool :). One runner in fact went for it. I would have probably been completely dehydrated had I attempted to have a glass.
  • The best costumes were by a couple of folks dressed up as mustard and ketchup. I am not sure how people run in costumes without feeling really hot but it was a lot of fun to watch.

I wanted to go the brat fest pretty badly but my money was in my car and I spent nearly half hour just searching for my car. By the time I reached it, I was so tired that I decided to just go home. Maybe next year I will have a boca brat. It looks like they broke the record without my help :).

If you are thinking of running a race, I strongly suggest the Madison one. It was definitely a fun one and the crowds were fantastic.

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3 Comments on “Madison half marathon”

  1. Anand Subramani Says:

    Hi Guppy,

    Congrats!!, hoping for a full one real soon.

    • Guppy Says:

      Thanks Mani boy. I doubt I will do a full this year – too many things happening :). Maybe another half at the end of the year.

  2. Sandy Venkat Says:

    Hey da, congrats on completing the half marathon. Running has become a part of your life man. How I wish I put on my jogging shoes and try to move my butt for atleast a mile!!! Inspire me Guppy!!!

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