Interesting article about running shoes

Recently I read this really interesting article about running shoes and it got me thinking if the argument in the article is valid. The first thing I thought was my own personal experience. My first shoes were an Adidas pair that was bought pretty cheap and they did work fine. I did not have any problems and as far as I know, they did not have any kind of support. The one thing is I was not doing half as many miles as I am doing now but I was way heavier. My next shoe was a Brooks, then I went to Saucony before finally settling on my ASICS. I dont have any scientific knowledge but for now, I think I am sticking to my ASICS. They work well enough for me for the number of miles I am doing.

On a slightly higher level, I am not sure I completely trust the statistics. I am not saying it is wrong but I have seen enough ways to spin numbers (bank stress test anyone) that I would take it with a pinch of salt.

That being said, I have switched to buying the older models so that they are cheaper than the newest models but otherwise I am not planning on switching completely over to shoes without cushoning. The one change I am making is running more miles on my existing shoes – close to 450 as long as I dont feel too much pain in my legs.I agree that this is not as extreme as the article suggests but it is a start.

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One Comment on “Interesting article about running shoes”

  1. hyps Says:

    ur blog is not about nothing…change the name to – cool runnings/ guppy’s intolerable runnings .. or some such

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