Horrible Saturday

This Saturday, I had the anti-pleasure (word???) of going to a local tamil sangam program. My wife badly wanted to go and everybody I knew were not planning on going. This meant I could not pawn her off on someone else. So after much deliberation, I got two tickets (cost me 24 dollars – bah). My hope was to drop my wife, pray that there is someone she knows and head out of there. I could always slip in for dinner and eat my money’s worth.

I had Saturday evening really well planned. I would drop my wife, get back home and relax. At 7:00, game 7 of the Bulls – Celtics series would start (it has been called the greatest series of all time and I tend to agree), I can catch a few minutes and then go have dinner and get back for the rest. Hopefully, I could get to see the Bulls win.

Well, talk about plans going straight down the toilet. There was no one we knew in there. So I ended up staying the whole time. I did step out for a few minutes to grumble about my luck to a couple of friends but that was it. And boy, was it bad. By the end of the program, I was so pissed that I was getting ready to eat my arm.To top it all, I missed the entire Bulls game and they lost. Damn it. If I had a choice between the stupid program and the emergency surgery I had a few months back, I would have chosen the surgery 10 times out of 10. I should add that the initial parts were done without pain killers and it still was a lot more pleasant. At least I got to watch TV :). This was the first instance where I appreciated the serving of alcohol in sports events. At worst, you can drink all your sorrow.

Anyway, I have been running quite a bit over the last few weeks. Last week, I hit a little more than 36 miles. I can’t believe the half marathon is almost upon me. I should start running a little less over the next 3 weeks as I get ready for it.

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