Finally a run outside

I finally managed to get a run outside. Saturday, the temperature went a little about 35 F which was all I needed to head out :). I ran outside for 30 minutes. After running on the treadmill all winter, running outside felt a lot different. It was really tiring because without realizing it, I ran a pretty hilly route.

Of course, that was followed by a snowstorm on Sunday :(. Hopefully things start getting warmer and it gets easier to run outside. With the Madison half marathon coming up pretty fast, I want to get at least half my miles outside.

The only other interesting news was the fact that I managed to buy two pairs of running shoes last week – both ASICS 2130s. I got them online from Amazon. All the local stores have only the new ones (2140) and since I don’t care much about which model I use, I decided to go with the cheaper one. Hopefully the shoes should tide me over till at least the middle of fall if not till the end of fall. Advice to people who are buying shoes – the older models are a lot cheaper online and if you are not planning on challenging Haile Gebrselassie, you should do fine in the older models. I wish the shoe stores locally would also stock them – I dont mind paying a few dollars extra if I can get them at the brick and mortar stores. Of course, paying 30 dollars more for each pair doesnt seem like a good use of my money.

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