Spring – where art thou?

March comes to an end and still I dont see any signs of spring. I had all my plans set for last weekend to slowly start running outside. One of the problems with running on a treadmill is that it can get boring after a while. Another problem is that it is not safe to completely switch to outside running all at once.

So I had this glorious plan to start my outside running with my shortest run and then move all my runs outside. Unfortunately, the plan hit a snag on the very first day it was to be implemented. Snow $@#(*$#(. I ended up running inside another day.

Well then Sunday came along and with it my long run. I ran that inside as well because it was too cold outside. Apparently it was really hot inside the gym which I didn’t realize. After my run, I found that I lost a little more than 5 pounds, mostly fluids. Usually losing 5 pounds would have made me extremely happy but this really freaked me out. So the rest of the week, I have been making up for it by drinking everything I can get my hands on. Maybe a visit to a bar will fix things :).  Running outside is usually not this bad because there is always some wind and it is rarely hot enough to lose this much fluid, at least not in Madison.

Only thing that went according to plan with the arrival of spring is getting a start on my ice baths :(. I couldn’t find a reason to avoid it and so I welcomed Spring by taking a dip in real cold water. AAaahhhh.

My running log says that I have run close to 280 miles in 2009 and apparently I have run a total of 1 day and 18 hours :). I really like the stat about the total amount of time I ran. Anyway, hopefully spring (when it does arrive) and summer will increase my average per week.

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