The lost art of high-five greetings

A couple of weeks back, I walked into a good friend at one of the grocery shops here in Madison (Woodmans if you are interested). He was on the phone but he saw me and put his hand up. Unfortunately for me, I assumed he was trying to high-five me and went ahead with a high-five. He realized a bit late what I was trying to do and tried to join in. The end result was one of the saddest high-fives in human history.

I still remember when the high-fives were cool. My earliest memory of this practice was from cricket on TV. The West Indian bowlers (Marshall, Ambrose, Walsh etc), after taking another Indian wicket, would calmly walk down the pitch and high-five each other. Even while cursing the fact that another Indian wicket was lost, people would admire the way the West Indian team celebrated. It looked too cool. Of course, it translated to road side cricket, Soma cricket, cricket inside friend’s house and even book cricket. I am not sure about the last one simply because it was a little tough to execute a proper high five when playing book cricket sitting in the last bench in school and away from the teacher’s eye. Maybe an under five or something. But it was still a tradition. Eventually it morphed into this cool way of greeting people.Even today, when you meet a kid, high fives are the in thing. The parents are extremely thrilled – my child can do this cool act. And the recipient of the high-five feels happy – he/she might be in the inner circle of the kid or whatever.

That got me wondering – when did we forget about the high-fives. I remember in days of yore (college) that we always used the high-five to greet friends. Everybody knew by instinct what should be done when two friends meet. But sometime between my college days and now, something happened and I forgot how to do a proper high-five. Either I got too old to execute one or something was wrong. I will chalk it up to old age because I am not the only one who seems to be losing it.

Ah well. Maybe I need to start playing more cricket to get back in touch :). The one activity I do regularly, running is not exactly suited for this – who do I high-five after running 5 miles?

Well my running is finally getting back on track. I am seriously contemplating running the Madison half. Till date, this year, I have run around 190 miles.

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