New year resolutions

I know this post is a little late. The new year is eleven days old and talking about resolutions should already be done. But I am usually late and I finally got some time while I upgrade my computer at work to a new version.

Most people I know have resolutions every year and then eventually fail at them. This unfortunately includes me. On analyzing this phenomenon a little, I have concluded that most people fail because the resolutions reflect what they hope they will be and have nothing to do with reality. Take a resolution of mine for example. I tell myself every year that I will lose x number of pounds – x being a really high number. Eventually this just fails because I don’t face the reality that I love to eat. So this year, instead of my usual resolutions, I decided that I am going to try different things that will eventually help me reach my goal of losing weight- this is just a way of giving an opt out to myself in case I fail :).

Most of the resolutions here centre around exercising – I have other things I hope to achieve. Hopefully I will get to them in future posts. So without further rambling, here is my list for 2009.

1. Try and run at least 1500 miles this year. This comes close to 30 miles a week and is definitely not an easy target. Fortunately, because of all the training I did for the marathon, I have become a tad faster and so I can run 30 miles a week spending less than 5 hours each week. Thinking about it that way makes it more achievable. I will also post my totals every week to let my two readers know if I actually make it.

2. Run more races. I want to run at least 5 or 6 this year including a marathon if I get the time to train. Last year, because of my obsession with running a marathon, I missed out on having fun in some smaller races. This year, I hope to make up for all that. Most of my races are going to be local or at least within driving distance from home. I also plan to start early in Spring.

3. Learn swimming. I know this has nothing to do with running but I badly want to learn how to swim. I am planning on taking a few classes in the Y in a bid to stay afloat. Being fat has its advantages when it comes to staying afloat.

4. Update this blog at least once a week. As I run more, my brain starts thinking more random things and I get ideas on what to write.

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