Horror in Bombay

This was my first long weekend in a while and I should say the incidents in Bombay made me wish that I had just gone to work. I spent the whole weekend watching the news, reading about the terrorist act and alternating between extreme anger and anguish.

In my opinion, this is easily the worst terrorist act done on India and we have had a few. The fact that a couple of guys could hold the entire country hostage for a couple of days made a mockery of the entire security apparatus. Till we Indians actually understand that every Indian life is precious, we will never ever be anything than a developing nation. All the fancy ideas about becoming developed – well we should just forget about that. I still cant believe that ass of a deputy chief minister R.R. Patil actually said such minor incidents do happen in big cities. I guess we Indians deserve what we get as far as our elected officials go.

The other interesting thing I noticed as I was watching the news is the fact that I would have happily agreed to have this terrorist who got arrested tortured to get out all the information. Till the day of the attack, it would have been really tough to convince me that torture has a purpose in modern society. I still think that is true but in those few initial moments it was really tough to hold emotions in check.

I hope we can enact some serious changes in India especially our responses to emergency. It was sad that the commandos took so long to get there. Maybe something like this will spur people to ensure that our elected leaders are more answerable than they have been.

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One Comment on “Horror in Bombay”

  1. catcharun Says:

    seriously man..i agree wholeheartedly to what you said. everyone talks about highways and the bad traffic and everything..but where the heck is the intelligence infrastructure? can someone seriously justify the inflated defense spending? sure go and build two more nukes in your backyard and leave the front door open…i will stop now..my head hurts

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