Not running the philly marathon this year

This is definitely one of the toughest decisions that I had to take. Well actually it was kind of forced on me. I had to undergo some emergency surgery + additional surgery which meant that my Philly marathon training is down the drain. I needed at least 4 weeks to recover and with just 5 weeks to go, I decided to forgo the marathon :(.

I was still hoping to run after the emergency surgery but when I asked my doc if I could, she kind of laughed in my face. The fact that I could not run the marathon was easily the most disappointing moment in a long time. After 11 weeks of at least 40 miles a week running, ice baths, chapped skin and painful legs, I just had to stop. Usually, I am a person who makes grand plans but no follow up on them because of laziness. Well, this time, I actually put in all the effort and so the disappointment was even bigger. I was pretty close to crying and if I were not in too much pain from the surgery, I might just have. All the time I could have done something else – spend time with family and friends, play tennis, go hiking etc were spent running in the hope that I could do the marathon. Instead I will be watching it from home :(.

Well, anyway, I am more than two weeks into my recovery and so I can start running soon. I have decided to set my sights on the Madison marathon next May. I should say though that this inactivity is getting to me. I am walking like a 90 year old man who usually spends all his time in bed. I am sure a lot of people at work who don’t know about my surgery must have concluded that I am the laziest ass around. I might just be the laziest but I protest that the wrong information was used in confirming this :). Today was the first day I could move a little faster which made me cheerful enough to write this.

So anyway, instead of running, I will try and fill up this space about other things for a while.

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2 Comments on “Not running the philly marathon this year”

  1. Anand Subramani Says:


    not to worry, we will all be there to cheer you on at the next one. get well soon 🙂


  2. Guppy Says:

    Hopefully I can pull myself to train for another one da :). Yes, I still love running but training for a marathon requires a lot of commitment. At least I did find out that I can get the required commitment.

    Madison marathon – here I come :).

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