Longest run till date

This weekend I ran the longest distance I have till date. 22 miles was the target and I guess you can say I managed to hit it. To be honest, I barely managed to run it.

The last few weekends have been great. The runs have been pretty fast especially now that the temperatures are a lot cooler. So, when I looked at my schedule and saw that my Sunday run was a supposed easy 22 miles (whenever someone mentions that 22 miles is easy, they should be checked into an asylum). The definition of an easy run according to the training manual I am following is that I run at a pace 50 seconds slower than my intended marathon pace. For some reason, I decided my marathon pace was going to be 9 mins and 10 seconds per mile. Considering most of my fastest runs are at 8 and my tempo pace is 8:30, this was a little over optimistic but being a stubborn Tauren, I decided I will do it. So Sunday’s run was at a slow 10 min/mile pace.

Well, the day did not start too well. Most of Saturday, I was suffering from an upset stomach which left me dehydrated. After popping a couple of pills on Sunday morning to prevent further incidents, I got all my gear and set out to run. I noticed the temperature was going to start at a nice 62 and was totally happy. I don’t need to wear gloves etc. Unfortunately, in my excitement I left my cap at home.

The start was nice and I was doing a reasonable pace. Unfortunately for me, by the time I hit mile 12, my legs were feeling insanely heavy. But pig-headed that I am, I kept going. By the time I was on my 15th mile, I pretty much wanted water every couple of steps. I was also feeling so weak. After chugging a whole bottle of gatorade, I continued on… and on… and on… At the end of the run, I was pretty much off.  Unless there are substantiated reports about lions and tigers running around on the military ridge trail, I can pretty much say that I was starting to imagine things :). The temperature had hit 77 by then and I was shot. It took everything to keep me from puking.  My cap would have kept me a lot cooler had it been on my head instead of resting on a chair at home.

So I have this simple question – why did this dude Pheidippides not choose a shorter distance to run. Even better, he could have kicked one of the Persians and borrowed their horse. Instead he had to run 26 miles (42 km) to deliver some news. Jackass. To him, I would say, smoke signals or even better, an IPhone app simulating smoke signals.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I spent all of yesterday recovering. All day, I felt like I was burning up. It felt like I was generating a lot of excess heat :).The one good thing is that 22 miles will be my longest run before the marathon. I should also note that except for the first mile, I finished all the other miles at the desired speed or a little faster. Yay.

Well, I have just 6 more weeks left. I have lost a little more than 7 pounds – hopefully a few of those were from my waist.

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2 Comments on “Longest run till date”

  1. catcharun Says:

    good for you..i’m rooting for your sub 4

  2. Ramya Says:

    hey .. awesome. i’m hoping i can run my mile consistently 🙂

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