Random updates

I should apologize to my 3 regular readers for not updating my blog in a while. Let us just chalk this to laziness on my part. My mom will probably say – you promised to update the blog with all details of the marathon training and now you are breaking it. Well…

Anyway, my training is going on as usual. This is the 8th week of my training and except for missing a whole week (the 4th) due to some leg pain and some traveling, I have followed the training plan pretty religiously. Only 4 days of running though – originally the plan was for 5 but then I realized pretty soon that I am in no shape to do that. My wife also was threatening to kick me out if I continue spending all my time outside running.

This is my reduced mileage week – yes, 35 miles has become reduced mileage. A couple of positives from all this training is that it is easier for me to maintain a relatively faster pace over my mileage. The more I run, the more confident I have become that the marathon is within my grasp as long as the injury bug doesn’t rear its ugly head.

My IPod seems to have stopped working with the new ITunes update. A couple of months back, if someone had told me that I would run 3+ hours just listening to my feet hit the ground, that person would have been laughed at. Now, it is happening. The legs just keep churning without the music and I have not slowed down one bit. Hopefully I can fix my IPod and listen to some cool music.

As soon as all the training has been completed, I plan to contribute in some way to keep the Military ridge trail going. The number of miles I have run there is just mind boggling. Like Andy Dufresne (yup that is the spelling according to IMDB – who could have guessed that?), I would probably have dug a hole to China if all the pebbles that get into my shoe had been removed from the trail.

Anyway, I ran 8×800 metres today at close to 8 min/mile with a couple of miles warmup and cool down.

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One Comment on “Random updates”

  1. catcharun Says:

    just return the pebbles back to the trail..that will be enough to keep the trail going :). seems to me that those slim ipod nanos are beckoning

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