Usain “You are fricking kidding me” Bolt

Seriously, has there ever been back to back electric performances ever in the history of sport. The fastest 100 m and the fastest 200 m ever in recorded history. I am still in shock seeing someone do that – and the best part was he made the 100m look so easy. Wow. I know Michael Phelps did his thing and won eight golds. But I personally think that nothing even comes close to this performance by Usain Bolt.

I have seen great athletic performances. I watch so much sports that it is unbelievable. Recently, I even named a couple of women volleyball players in the US team. Gaak. So take it from me when I say that this is the greatest. It is definitely greater than Michael Phelps’ performance (though most of America and its media are not going to agree). It is greater than anything MJ or Tiger or Brady ever did. It even topped Maradona’s great performance in the 86 world cup. The only thing that even comes close are the two awesome innings from Sachin in the desert after Azhar sold the matches for a few million dollars.  Till date, I thought nothing could top that – well something just did. It topped those innings and beat it by a couple of miles (I am definitely going to hear about this :)). I know a lot of people feel that Phelps 8 golds were the defining moment for the Olympics. For me, it will always be Bolt celebrating, beating his chest and jogging the last 20 metres of the 100 and still setting a world record.

If you did not catch those races, do so when you get time. The worst case scenario is you wasted 19.30 seconds of your life :).

Anyway, my training is going on as usual. I did a hill workout and a easy run last week. As I was traveling quite a bit, I did my long run of 16 miles on Monday instead of Sunday. Not a good idea when you have to come to work after that.

Yesterday, I did another track workout. 3 X 1200 m at 8:20 min/mile and 1 x 400 at 8 min/mile pace.

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6 Comments on “Usain “You are fricking kidding me” Bolt”

  1. Anand Subramani Says:

    Surely you mean Maradona’s great performance at the World Cup 86. :). i definitely agree that these wins tops Phelps’ wins. it has definitely inspired me to seriously think about exercising :D. hope this lasts a while.

  2. Guppy Says:

    Sorry mani – corrected it. Man, I still cant believe he did that in the 100 and his 200 was even better. He broke the record running into a head wind – Michael Johnson had some wind behind him :).

    You should start exercising da :). Major stress reliever.

  3. senthil V Says:

    where did you get this calculation of 20.30 seconds? i suppose its not 19.3 + 9.69 :). and amani, getting inspired after watching 100m & 200m sprint makes me what you are aspiring for:)

  4. Guppy Says:

    Ok Ok – i got the time wrong. Actually, I gave you 1 second for charter to download the video :).

  5. Anand Subramani Says:

    sorry for delayed reply. been busy and also a bit under the weather. senthil, definitely hoping to make some effort to reduce weight. his run on the final stretch was just “poetry in motion”

    did u guys read abt the 21.9 km Chennai marathon. a great success!. happened last sunday

  6. Guppy Says:

    Mani, please note that 21.9 km is not a marathon. I take offense at this statement. That is probably a half. I agree that the temperature in Chennai makes it feel like a full but …

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