Favre to Jets – worst trade ever?

I know lot of Jet fans are really excited about seeing Favre in a Jet uniform – apparently Jet tickets are now selling like crazy. I also saw something yesterday that I did not expect – the Packer fans gave new quarterback Aaron Rodgers a standing ovation.

Personally I think this is a lose lose for both the player and teams. I don’t think Favre is enough to take the Jets to the Superbowl. How many people actually think the Jets are good enough to take down Patriots, Colts or the Jags? Assuming he does take them to the playoffs, was it worth it? I dont know. That will be up to the Jet fans to decide. But I do know that it would have been better for him in Tampa. His chances for a superbowl were much higher in the NFC. There would have been a double bonus of playing against Green Bay and sticking it to them. Instead he chooses the Jets. The added disadvantage is that, I will get to watch very few games of my all time favorite player.

Now, let us look at it from the Packers perspective. They are a young team on offense but they are built to win now. Their defense is getting old. Last time they were one Favre pass away from a superbowl. You would think any move they make would be to make them a better team – now, I cant think of anyone except maybe Ted Thomson who thinks that the Packers might be better. In fact, I expect them to lose at least 8 games, if not more. Given that it is so tough to get to the Super Bowl, let alone win, wouldn’t you want to give yourself the best shot at winning when you can. I shall also stop supporting the Packers – yes, I supported them so much because of Favre. The game was always interesting with him on the field – either team could win in the blink of an eye :). Now, I don’t have to feel a little conflicted when I say – Go BEARS !!!!!

Now to my running update – Over the last few days I have run quite a bit. Saturday, I did a tempo run and ran around 6.2 miles in 55 minutes. Sunday was my long run. I did around 14 miles in 130 minutes – I actually did reverse splits. The second half was progressively faster than the first. The ice bath was horrible though :(. They should invent something for people from Chennai – we prefer something really nice and warm.

Today, I did a track workout. 6 x 800 m at 8.20/mile + 1 mile warmup and cool down. The weather was perfect and I had so much fun. I am also seriously considering retiring my old shoes.

The best part is that I am already down two pounds since I started training. Woo hoo.

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