Brett Favre and comeback

I know everyone who lives in Wisconsin with the possible exception of my wife has an opinion on whether Brett Favre should come back. Well, I want to chime in also.

Seriously, I don’t see what the Packers problem is with playing Brett. Here is one of the greatest players of all time wanting to come back after playing at an extremely high level last year. This is not like Kapil Dev in his last years  where India decided to play him so he can get that stupid record which promptly got broken by like a million guys. Last year, if not for Tom Brady, I am pretty sure everyone would have voted for Brett as the MVP. Seriously, he was that good.

I understand the arguments against his return – he holds the Packers hostage every year while deciding to retire or not. But the reason everyone waits is because he is that good. Without him, the Packers would not have won at least a quarter of those games they did. The other argument is that he retired and it would not be fair to Aaron Rodgers. That is the worst argument I have heard. If Aaron is that good, let him win the starting job from Brett instead of giving the job to him. From the looks of it Brett is more than willing to fight for the job. Is it not the job of the coach and the GM to put the best team on the playing field.

For some reason, I see no one drawing parallels with the MJ and Jerry Krause situation. Jerry believed he could win without MJ. Obviously Ted Thompson believes that he doesn’t need Favre.

Here are my arguments for taking Favre back into the Packers or at least releasing him so he plays somewhere.

  • if he wins the starting job, he gives them the best chance to win. Seriously – if anyone doesn’t believe this is true, they are drinking coolaid given by Ted.
  • I would love the media drama – ESPN will probably switch their headquarters to Green Bay for some time.
  • I for one want to watch Brett get back into the Super Bowl. If he does that with the Vikings or the Bears, so be it. Obviously, that is the main reason Ted is not releasing him – he is frightened Brett will stick it to him. I will be honest here and say I am more a Favre fan than a Packer fan.
  • But the most important reason – Favre was on the cover of Madden. I want to know how long he is going to last :). It is the NFL iron man vs the Madden curse. Doesn’t that offer so much drama. I am already giddy for the return of Favre. If Favre actually gets injured, I would like to see the next agent who approaches an NFL superstar offering him a chance to show up on Madden. Of course, I would prefer he go on and win a couple of superbowls either with the Pack or with some random team.

Oh well – while this awesome drama is happening, I am back to running :). I ran close to 26 miles last week. For some reason, I thought I had to start training this week for my marathon (16 weeks) but luckily my calculations showed me I have a whole week to go. Woo hoo.

I did around 6.7 miles yesterday and I am going to do my first ever track workout today if everything goes to plan. I am totally excited.

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4 Comments on “Brett Favre and comeback”

  1. viktorb Says:

    I am actually a Chiefs fan. I really like Brett Farve. I enjoy they passion he has for the game. I think if he wants to comeback, let him comeback for another year. I think the Packers need to get this issue resolved.

    If the Packers don’t want him (aka enter the Aaron Rodgers era), then let Farve play one more year with another team. To be honest, if I were the Packers GM, I would not want to see Farve in Minnesota or Chicago. As a fan of the game, i say not only trade him but let him play for Minnesota. I would put all my money on Minnesota to win the Super Bowl with Bret Farve at QB.

    Green Bay should remember the Madden curse, and just release Brett Farve. Mark my words, if Brett farve is forced to stay in retirement, then watch the Madden curse affect the entire Green Bay season.

  2. senthil V Says:

    So Brett Favre has retired huh!:)

  3. Guppy Says:

    Viktorb – the Packers look even worse now after they tried to bribe Favre to stay retired. This is the worst thing they could have done. He wasnt getting that much pity but now the tables will change really fast. This is just insane.

  4. Guppy Says:

    Senthil my man – you should be kicked out of Wisconsin all the way to crazy Coimbatore.

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