Marathon training + an injury

I am planning to start training for the marathon starting on the 28th. I was sick the whole of last week and so decided to take things easy and heal myself. The only physical activity was 4 hours of biking on Saturday and some tennis on Sunday. Unfortunately I think I injured my leg playing tennis – I seem to have gotten the dreaded planar fasciitis. I have been icing it most of the day at work. Hopefully things will heal by the 28th when I start actual training. I am also going to swear off tennis for a while and stick to just running and some cycling.

Anyway, I will try and update folks as I go through my training. I am also going to run an interesting experiment – do I actually lose any weight training for the marathon. I started running mainly to lose weight but these days the tables have turned. I am trying to lose weight to improve my running – aahhh. As and when I update people on my runs, I will also do my best to put information on my weight.

I did run 63 minutes yesterday before I realized I had serious planar fasciitis.

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2 Comments on “Marathon training + an injury”

  1. senthil V Says:

    what is planar fasciitis? i am lazy to google:)

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