Running a marathon

Yup – finally I got a little brave and in a fit of enthusiasm, signed up for my first marathon. I am already starting to repent the decision but …

When I looked to sign up for a marathon, I had a few criteria in mind. The first one was that I should finish the marathon, ideally within 5 hours. As I grew more confident that there is a high probability of this happening, the next thing was to make sure I sign up for a large marathon. I did not want to sign up for a marathon with 300 people and be the last guy to finish :). So it had to be a large one.

Well the Chicago marathon was full before I signed up and I did not get through in the lottery for the New York one :(. Obviously I have not qualified for Boston considering the qualifying time is something like 3:05 or something insane like that. Anyway, I managed to find a reasonably sized marathon – the Philadelphia marathon and I signed up for that.

Now the training starts. The actual marathon training will start on the 28th of this month (16 weeks) but I want to get as many miles done before that so I have a reasonable base to get my training going.

For the next few months, you will read a lot of whining after long runs and ice baths :). You have been warned.

Well, last week, I did close to 30 miles (29.81). That number will slowly have to increase – maybe to 40.

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