Lack of a well rounded education???

I have always been proud of my school, always wearing the PSBB badge with pride (well after I graduated that is :)). I think it is the best school on planet earth and have always felt that school made me what I am today (not much but still …). I know, I know – even I had to be molded and taught. Well there are lots and lots of great things I can tell about school but I was shocked to find that there are certain things that were not taught :(.

Well, during my days in PSBB we were always told to try and reach for the sky. Everything was within limits. We can do this and we can do that. Well here is the thing – they did not teach us about the side effects of being reasonably successful. This fact reared its ugly head the past weekend when I had to dress up for a wedding.

Most of my dressing up is usually picking out the first available shorts (jeans in winter), t-shirt, sandals and get my ass to work. Nothing complicated. I usually don’t give too much thought to what I should wear. Unfortunately, this does not work for weddings especially ones being held in the US. Apparently everyone is expected to get into suit.

Well, for the last couple of weeks I was afraid I had outgrown my suit. All this running and still some weight gain – damn it. Anyway, I somehow managed to pull my pants up and get my suit on. It was a struggle but I managed it. I probably would end up breathing a lot less but still, I managed to get in. Then came the shocking realization – I need to wear a tie. See here is the thing – nobody has taken the time to show me how to put on a tie. My dad – well he doesn’t know it himself. Everyone else assumes you know. But I don’t. PSBB had failed me – probably for the first time in memory . I am not sure who helped me during my marriage but that is beside the point.

So after fretting for a few minutes, I decided to do what I usually do when I have any questions. I turned to the internet. After looking through a few sites, I realized that a tie knot is not like other knots I am used to – apparently, it requires a little more work. Damn it. I just thought I could do what I used to do with ropes. So after looking through a couple of sites and a few video demos, I got started. The first few attempts frustrated me – my wife suggested that I should just come without the tie. Pig headed me refused and I kept trying and trying. I finally managed to get some kind of knot that met the approval of my wife. Whew. It was a close call but I managed to get to the wedding on time and looking like a stuffed turkey with a tie.

Anyway, in my bid to get into my clothes, I have been running a lot more. I managed to do close to 27 miles last week with a long run of 11.5. Hopefully, 30 will happen real soon. Woo hoo.

Here are the links for the sites I used in case there are other people who were failed by society and not taught about how to put on a tie.
Step by step instructions on the various knots
Video for the full Windsor knot

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