By Toutatis

This weekend was easily the craziest run I have ever had. I did not realize what I was getting into when I went on my long run.

We had had insane thunderstorms the previous night and the sky looked pretty ominous. I woke up at around 7 and waited around till 8:15 checking the weather and staring outside at the clouds. It did not rain one bit. So after getting into my ACICS, I decided to head out on my weekly long run. The target was 100 minutes.

The initial 40 minutes were fine – I was doing pretty good time. Then it started to pour. I was in a place where there was not much shelter. I got completely wet and so I continued running hoping things will start slowing down. Pigheaded that I am, I decided to continue running on the route I originally planned to instead of heading back home – I would have probably made it back in 25 mins. It started pouring like crazy and it did not let up even a little. I am sure if somebody from an asylum had driven by, they would have put me in a truck and taken me directly in.

Initially it was a lot of fun – I hadn’t run in the rain in a year and the one advantage with running in the rain is that you can stay relatively cool which means you end up with better times. Unfortunately, after a while, the rain started impeding my run. The course was a little hilly, so it was a bitch running up and down with water rushing past. I had to slow down to make sure I stay safe.

After about 25 minutes of really heavy rain, there was some lightning and insanely loud thunder. I felt like Vitalstatistix (yup I am fat and can be safely compared to him :)) – was the heaven going to fall on my head. My super portion of gatorade was only going to do so much. The road I was running had flooded pretty badly and water was rushing everywhere. If it were Chennai, I would have been seriously frightened of open manholes. Luckily, they are not so common in Madison but I still had to watch my step all the way. I wanted to run faster to get home quickly but was worried about slipping. An awesome dilemma.

To top it all, there was awesome thunder and lightning. Cars were spraying water on me every 5 minutes and emergency vehicles were screaming away to glory and that got me a little worried. Eventually traffic slowed to a crawl because the street was completely flooded. Yup, I was a little scared.

Well, long story short, I made it home safely. My wife was not impressed that I chose to ignore her warning and run outside. But after thinking more about it, I probably would have run it 9 times out of 10 even if I knew what was coming before I went on that run. And guess what Obelix would have done seeing me on the road – tapped his head with his index finger and say – “that dumbass is crazy”.

Well I did 10.5 miles in 100 minutes. I could have run a little faster but for the rain :). I should add that I was totally amazed that my shoe held up so nicely without slipping. I am definitely sticking to my ASICS-2130.

Map of my 100 minute run

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