Awesome week for sports fans

This week is turning out to be one of the more awesome weeks for sports fans in recent memory. In fact, the last few days of May and the first few weeks of June are definitely what gets sports fans everywhere excited.

First there was the IPL coming to a pretty thrilling finish. My mom was talking excitedly about it – obviously that does not happen regularly. I am a little disappointed that the team from Chennai lost but luckily I did not have too much emotion invested. I wish they had better names for the teams. Mumbai Indians – what rot. Rajasthan royals my foot. As a friend used to say, my left ass could have thought of something better. For example, Rajasathan Rajputs is definitely more Indian sounding and I came up with that after 3 seconds of putting some thought. And can someone hire Shane Warne as the Indian team manager. There is no need to even think twice. Wow, what an awesome job.

I also saw my first ice hockey game – boy am I hooked. I probably chose one of the best games – Detroit and Pittsburgh slugging it out in game 5. The action was unbelievable – end to end. I am totally going to watch at least Stanley cup from now. Unfortunately it is one of the few games I dont know the rules for but that should change real soon. I definitely did not think it would be this good. Boy do they have a new fan. Sidney Crosby is king.

The Lakers and the Celtics are going to play in the NBA finals. I don’t see why the Lakers are such overwhelming favorites. I think it will be a close fought series and I personally think the Celtics will pull it off because they have home court advantage. But it should be a really good series and hopefully we see a game 7. I am all excited for this. Kobe against Garnett. Kobe against the whole Celtic team.

I should add that I am getting a little tired of people talking about the history of the two franchises and calling it the (or using the word arguably) greatest rivalry in sports. I think some of their games were awesome and all but the greatest rivalry – please. Let us not go into that. Have you fought even one war? As all Indians and Pakistanis will attest, the greatest rivalry is an India Pakistan cricket game. Period. Nothing even comes close. Don’t waste your time arguing. We have had a couple of wars between our games – how many fans can claim that. Maybe if Israel and Palastine start playing soccer (or some sport they are equally good at), they might come somewhere close. Till that happens, we should not even revisit this topic. Nothing even comes close. Nothing. I still have not recovered from the Chetan Sharma full toss :(. And the dude has a wikipedia page. Damn it. I refuse to tag him.

And finally we have Euro 2008. Boy am I excited for some good soccer. The Man U – Chelsea game go me started a little early. Now we have the Euro starting Sunday and I am all giddy. I am a little disappointed that England and their fans are not there – who can forget Beckham’s awesome free kick in Euro 2006 and all England fans crying for Ronaldo’s blood in the last world cup. But I am all excited to see the teams play. Ronaldo, Ballack, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (coolest sounding name since Jay Jay Okocha), Ribery, the whole Italian team all looking like models, players with no vowels in their last names etc are few of the things to look forward to. Yes Brazil, my adopted soccer country is not around but there is more than enough to get me excited. I can’t wait. I hope we see some surprise team like Czech republic or Romania come through.

Hopefully my wife doesn’t throw me out after I start yelling after a goal is scored. I have scared her a couple of times after touchdowns but she has seen nothing as yet :).

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3 Comments on “Awesome week for sports fans”

  1. Eludius Says:

    Do people really still watch the NBA? I thought all interest had waned. ESPN seems to think it’s the only sport on the Earth.

    Go Red Wings!

  2. senthil V Says:

    1. Rajput sounds awesome but may not be appropriate as it is a caste.
    2. how come u forgot french open. wish i had cable
    3. world t20 final should make up for the sharma mishap:)

  3. Guppy Says:

    I agree – French open has been pretty good too. But it has become so predictable that the excitement is removed. Does anyone actually think Nadal will lose? Not happening.

    Nothing will remove the scar from Sharma’s mishap. Seriously. That was one of the worst moments I had from watching the game of cricket but like I say, it is all part of the game. Still, all he needed to do was bounce the fricking ball.

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