Iron Man – review

I saw this movie last weekend. In one word, awesome. I have never come out of a movie so excited in a long time. If you like action movies, you should definitely see this in the movie theater.

It was like a James Bond movie on some insane drug. Beautiful women, unbelievable action, gadgets – you name it and you will find it in the movie. The music complemented the action beautifully and the visuals were simply mind blowing. I never thought I would see a Robert Downey Jr. movie but after hearing the reviews for this one, decided I should risk it. Finally one of my risks paid off. Considering my previous choices were Chicken Little, Madagascar (yes, I like cartoons) and some more crappy movies, you will understand my trepidation for taking risks with movies.

There was one thing I wish the director had done a better job of and that was the building of characters. Even the hero’s character was not built up properly. The only thing I got from the movie was that he was a playboy and a genius. Otherwise, nothing.  But I will not hold it against the movie since I am not a big comic fan.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s role in the movie was pretty good. She is one of the stronger female characters in comic book hero movies and not the usual weak female lead. Of course, we did not get too much insight into her character either.

The best part was that my wife enjoyed the movie as much as I did. So I guess I will have no problems convincing her I need the DVD :). In fact, I suspect she will be standing in the line before me.

If you do go to the movie, wait till all the credits are done and you will see an interesting teaser. I will warn against getting yourself a nice big mountain dew before you go into the movie – brilliant action movie + huge mountain dew – insane high. Of course, it that is what you want, then go for it 🙂

I cant wait for Dark Knight.

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