Maintaining an exercise log

Finally spring is here and the time has come for all closet runners to start heading out to run in the open. Yes, I belong to the club of closet runners simply because I am too much of a chicken to run when the temperature is below 30. Last year, I would not head out if the temperature was below 45 but this year, after purchasing some gear for surviving outside, I have started heading out even if the temperature is close to 32. My last two long runs have been in temperatures below 35. The biggest thing about running outside is that you should try and dress appropriately – it is not an easy thing to judge. Lots of people have varying opinions about how much you need to wear but from experience I have found that it is not one size fits all. Experiment with runs close to home so you get comfortable gear.

If people want to take up running, this is the best time to start. It is not too hot and so running outside does not sap too much out of you. It is also really beautiful outside and you might even save some gas if you walk/run some of your errands (Hello library).

One thing I would like to suggest to everyone – maintain a log of your runs/walks/any other forms of exercise. There is nothing that pushes you out to get some more exercise than looking through your log and wanting to do better. Of course, if you are way overweight like me, that should be enough of a motivation :). With all the free sites out there, it should be pretty easy to find one that you like. You can try the one in runner’s world or try the one in They are pretty good. They let you log other forms of exercise and not just running. The other option for old timers like me is to use spreadsheets. Any way that will inspire you to do some exercise (preferably running :)) should not be laughed at. If you have not done this before, I suggest you do. Take it from a couch potato king – it works.

Just FYI – but from my calculations, I did close to 960 miles last year. Couldnt make it to 1000 – this year, I hope to do 1200. Let us see if this is a realistic goal.

Anyway, I did around 5.4 miles in 50 mins for my last long run. I also did a little more than 15 miles last week.

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