Book review – Topaz (Leon Uris)

I read this book a couple of days after I came back from my trip. It was a decent read. I had read Exodus by Leon Uris – I personally think it is one of the best books written. After this, I went to a sale at the library and picked out all the Leon Uris I could find. For some reason, I did not read those books and they were languishing in my supply room.

After returning from my long Europe trip, I was clamoring to read a book. This was the first book I got and so started reading it.

This book tries to give a twist on why France left the NATO. The subject did interest me because it had been something I have meant to Google. Anyway, I thought the whole premise was a little far fetched. The book was a decent read but do remember that it is not fiction that is based on some facts like his other books. It also is just your run of the mill spy novel.

I also did not like the characters as much except for the French guy Devereaux. His is an interesting character – he is this guy who loves his country so much that he will do anything for it but he also doesnt exhibit the same sincerity towards his wife. His character was probably the main one since he does go into his childhood and everything else.

This book also does away with the assumption in all the books by American authors that the Russians defect because they dont like their country. That by itself increased my respect for the author.

Anyway, I think it is a decent read if you have some time and want a suggestion for a book.

On a completely unrelated note, I started running again – finally. I have not done much but at least I am being a bit more regular. I have already run twice this week – a little more than a mile and a half each time.

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One Comment on “Book review – Topaz (Leon Uris)”

  1. yo g Says:

    decent review man, nice and simple.

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