Paris – 4

On Tuesday, we finally went to Versailles. We had to take two trains to get there but we made it after one hour. We walked over to the palace which was a 10 minute walk from the station.

We got tickets for all possible things over there and went into the palace. We initially thought of covering the gardens before heading inside but it was too cold. So we went inside the palace. The palace was definitely very impressive. The rooms were really ornate. If you have seen History of the World, part 1, you will know why Mel Brooks says it is good to be the king :).  You also realize why the French decided to revolt – if my king was living in that kind of mansion and I was living in a hut, I will be bugged.

After going around the palace, we decided to go out and visit the gardens. I got tickets for a tiny train which goes around the garden. The garden was huge and it was too cold to walk around. We visited some places where Marie Antoinette liked to play milkmaid. After a while, it became too cold to stay out and we decided to head back to Paris.

I convinced my wife that we should eat in an Italian restaurant or a veggie restaurant. Given that option she decided we go to the Italian restaurant. Unfortunately there was no veggie food there – so we went to the veggie restaurant. Luckily for her, it was closed – I have never seen her that happy :). We then went to an Indian restaurant pretty close to where we stayed. It was called some Route to Kashmir or something like that. Food was decent but extremely spicy even by my standards.

The next day we decided we just were going to take in the city and walk around various places. My wife bought herself a handbag. I had promised her one as long as we were under the budget. We spent another hour just window shopping. For lunch, we headed over to a Sri Lankan restaurant called Dishney – food was awesome. We ordered a south Indian thali – I was in heaven. It had been a while since I ate with my hands. My wife was too cool to do that so she used a fork.

After that, we headed to a chocolate shop called Cacao et Chocolat. Lonely planet claimed it was the best chocolate in the world and I could not resist. I went and got us a medium sized box shelling out around 35 Euro. I then dragged my wife to a cheese shop called Fromagerie Alleosse based on recommendation by Lonely Planet. She did not like the smell of the shop but I loved it – got two different kinds of cheese. They gave us the cheese made from the cow milk to taste and I was hooked.

After another ice-cream at Berthillon, we headed over to our second Sri Lankan restaurant of the day called Madras cafe. Both of us had some awesome masala dosa.

Finally it was time to pack and get our asses back to Madison. We were home sick by then and so I think the two of us packed with a lot of enthusiasm even though we were very tired.

Our flight back was neat. The food in Aer Lingus was pretty good – which was shocking considering the kind of veggie food we get in normal airlines. I would not have a problem flying in the airlines again.

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