Paris – 3

After a whole day at the Louvre on our first day, we decided to head to Notre Dame on Sunday. This was a mistake – the Sunday mass was in full force and so it was not easy getting into the church and a lot of areas were closed to the public. Even though we had faced the same problem in Austria, we chose to ignore the lesson and paid for it.

Since we could not do much there, we decided to go to a museum called Musee National du Moyen Age (had to go back and search for that name :)). Anyway, this was a neat museum – pretty different from most of the others we had been to. They even had an old Roman bath which had been built in France. I had this insane urge to go home and start playing Caesar 3 – a city building game where you build all different roman buildings. I should search for my game soon :). There were lots of other interesting historic pieces. We went out to eat in an Indian restaurant called Roi Du Kashmir – the food was decent but the locality in which the restaurant was located was pretty seedy. After lunch we headed over to Arc De Troimphe – we climbed all the way to the top. The view from the top was pretty impressive but it was raining and pretty windy. So we did not stay up too long. For dinner I choose this vegetarian restaurant called Les Cinq Saveurs d’Ananda. My wife was convinced it was an Indian restaurant and was not too happy when all she got was raw veggies and tofu. The tofu there was amazing – one of the better tofu I have had.

The next day I suggested that we head over the Versailles. After traveling for close to an hour to catch the bus to Versailles, I noticed that the palace was closed on Monday (was browsing Lonely Planet). So we headed back into Paris and decided to cover Notre Dame. We first went to the Ste Chapelle and the Conciergerie which were in the same area. The first was a very interesting chapel – apparently built to hold all the relics from the Passion which had been purchased by one of the kings of France. They were later moved to Notre Dame but the church was still very nice – the top floor had no artificial lights and it was built to maximize use of sunlight. The latter was the prison people were held before being sent to the guillotine. There was a replica of the room where Marie Antoinette was kept + lots of other interesting things. After spending a couple of hours there we headed for lunch to this amazing falafel shop called L’As de Falafel. My wife had a falafel sandwich while I had a falafel platter. It was a nice place to have a cheap lunch and the food was awesome. After a pretty heavy lunch, we headed over to Notre Dame – I got the audio guide and all that. The church was pretty impressive. I heard that it was the most visited place in Paris. I would have guessed Eiffel tower.  We then climbed up the tower to the top of the cathedral. I badly wanted to see the gargoyles and so I dragged my wife all the way up. We got a picture of most of the gargoyles. At the top of the bell tower, I felt like Quasimodo. I wish I had re-read the book before I went there.

We were pretty tired at the end of it and headed over to an ice-cream shop called Amorino. That was the bribe to get my wife to climb to the top :).  Pretty good ice-creams. For dinner we went to this nice Thai place called Reuan Thai. The veggie food was pretty good though a little spicy.

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