Paris – 2

Now that I am finally back home from my long trip, I have a little more time and a much better internet connection.

On our first full day in Paris, we decided to go to the Louvre. Paris honestly has the best train service in a metro that I have been to. Please note I have been to Chicago and NY which I think have tremendous networks. Before heading over to the Louvre, we went to the bookshop outside and got a guide for the museum – cost us around 8 euro. It was one of the books (Louvre – guide to the masterpieces) suggested in Lonely Planet – if you are going to the museum, it is definitely worth it.

Well, I should be honest and tell you most of my knowledge about Louvre is from Da Vinci code. I was really taken aback by the sheer size and the collection in the museum. I read somewhere that it would take 9 months if you want to look at each item in the collection. Well, for people that don’t have 9 months, the book I bought is helpful. It talks about the most interesting¬† pieces of art. We saw the Mona Lisa and all other interesting pieces of art suggested. It was phenomenal. Since the ticket was for a whole day, we went out for lunch in a vegetarian place called LaVictoire Supreme du Coeur and went back to the museum. The restaurant was a pretty interesting place – though as usual, the idea of vegetarian food ends up being raw veggies. They had hummus and tofu also – so I will not complain too much. Dinner was in an Italian place called Le Golfe de Naples. Food was decent – they had a couple of veggie options.

Sometime in the evening we went to this totally awesome ice-cream shop called Berthillon. Easily one of the best ice-creams I have had. If you go to France, you should definitely visit this one. After her previous escapade with ice-creams, my wife ate this one without a glove :).

I also want to talk about the various creperies near our hotel – they were pretty neat. I have developed a liking for them – especially the ones with nougat. My wife usually had the banana ones – being too chicken to try other flavors. I tried nougat, nougat + banana and hazelnut cream. Nougat with banana was the best.

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