Lyon – 2

On our first morning in Lyon, we walked over to the nearest railway station and confirmed our tickets for Paris. We then walked over to the Cathedral St. Jean. It was a pretty beautiful cathedral – really well decorated. One thing about France – this was the first place where we did not find dexcriptions in English in the various places which kind of sucked. From there we took a tram up to Fourviere which is another cathedral. It was on top of a hill and the view from there was simply amazing. One other amazing thing – people had written prayers in various languages – each under their country flag. I saw the Indian flag and things were written in Tamil. They also had various statues of the virgin with the baby and they had one which read Velankanni :).

We decided to walk down to the bottom. By the time we reached down, we were really tired and hungry. We ate lunch at a place called Jim Deli. The sandwiches were not bad but my wife did not like them too much. The afternoon was spent in museums.

We then went to an Indian restaurant that night. My wife was really upset at the lack of food and I was not feeling up to the task of trying to get someone to understand my French. The restaurant was called Lal Qila. Food was decent. Apparently the French eat three courses each time – so in a bid to be cool, they brought just the nan for one course. I was not too pleased after waiting for the sabzhi for 5 is.Lukily the waiter was a Tamil dude from Tanjavur – we asked him to get everthing at once :). All the French folks in the restaurant must have been really shocked at the behavior.

The next day we went to a tiny locality called Croix Rousse – it was a tiny area which had a village atmosphere. Awesome place – both of us really loved it. After walking around for an hour, we went to a totally cool park. Unfortunately for me, there were lots of runners running around and I started to feel depressed. It was a really cool place though. The place was called Parc de la Tete d’Or. Dont ask me to pronounce that.

After a quick lunch, we headed over to a place where the two rivers meet – it was not as interesting or visually pleasing as the Amazon meeting with Rio Negro – so I was not too impressed :).

Anyway we went back the Indian restaurant – we had realized there were not too many veggie options in Lyon. This time, w aksed the dude to bring everything at once right at the get go.

Next day, we were headed to Paris.

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