Lyon – 1

We got to Lyon from Vienna on an Air Brussels flight. The airport in Brussels was awesome but the flight was not all that impressive. Maybe I got inexperienced pilots for the two legs – I am not sure.

We decided to take the public transport into Lyon – there was bus service which took us into the city (called Satabus). It was called Satabus.  We reached the train station but could not find the place to catch a cab. The information desk was not too helpful. Luckily we met an Indian who actually spoke Tamil – couldnt speak English but we were not complaining :). We managed to catch the cab to our hotel.

We stayed in a place called Grand Hotel Dex Terreaux. Pretty nice hotel and right in the heart of downtown Lyon. We went out for a walk around Lyon. This was the first place where people did not speak much English and so I had to use all the French I learnt in those 3 months in school (before it was abolished and I went back to Tamil – long story for another day). Anyway we went to a hotel for dinner – luckily one person understood English. We managed to order something vegetarian. I loved my food – penne in four cheeses. I have probably gained a clot of pounds in the last few days but my excuse is the lack of veggie options. I should also add that they gave an awesome almond liqueur free. I am planning to look around in Paris to see if I can find a bottle for back home. My wife is not too pleased with the idea but …

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2 Comments on “Lyon – 1”

  1. catcharun Says:

    funny bit abt the indian who could talk tamil but not english..wait..u learnt french at school..or was it influenced by “mind ur language”..

    so..are u going around asking pretty french things – parlez vous anglais?? ;)…

  2. Guppy Says:

    I took French when I was in 6th. Then 3 months later they abolished French in our school and we all had to either go back to Tamil or Hindi. I went back to Tamil. For some reason all experiments happened to my batch :).

    Yes, my French skills at present comprise of ‘Merci’, ‘Par lez voux anglais’ and ‘Bon Jour’. There are a couple of unspeakable words that I somehow got to know 🙂 bythose shall be kept to myself.

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