Venice – 1

We took a train from Florence to Venice. Nothing great happened in the train. If something did happen, I was fast asleep and have no idea what happened.

In Venice, I ventured out leaving my wife in the statio. After looking around for a bit, I found some information on the 72 hour passes that I was hoping to get. Unfortunately they cost me something like 33 bucks a person. I decided to buy it anyway, probably the best investment I made in the trip. If you ever go to Venice, you should also definitely buy this one. The boat (vaporetto) rides cost 3.50 per ride and 6.50 for each piece of luggage per ride :(.

Anyway, we were all excited to see water all around. Even though you have heard stories, it is always a shocker when you get there. I did not realize there were no vehicles and the roads were built for people walking – too narrow for anything else. I owe an apology to one of my former roommates in grad school who said Venice has no vehicles on the road and we all promptly made fun of him :).

After settling in our hotel, we went out to the Jewish museum and a couple of synagoges. It was pretty interesting. The synagoges were pretty interesting in their own right. I also came to know that Venice is where the term ghetto originated.

We had icecream in a shop called Alaska. Pretty nice icecreams – we ate outside even though the temperature was less than 40.

We had dinner in a cool Israeli restaurant called Gam Gam. Awesome food. If you are in Venice, go here and try the appetizer combo.

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