Two days in Vienna – 2

The next day we took a train to get back to the center of the city. The cathedral was closed for Sunday, which we did not realize because I was foolish to not ask for directions.

We then made our way to Strassenbahnmuseum. As the name signifies, it is a museum. It was simply an awesome museum. Of all the museums we have been to on this trip (trust me, it has been quite a few), this was the best. The Louvre might be better but only time will tell. If you ever visit Vienna, dont skip this one. We came out insanely hungry and tired. We went to a random Italian restaurant at around 4 and had lunch/dinner. I need to come up with a new word for this – we have brunch for breakfast and lunch. Maybe Linner. I will mull over this for a while :). We did not do much else that day choosing to head home at around 6:30 or 7:00.

The next day we visited the cathedral. I then went up the tower – around 365 steps while my wife stayed down. Then we walked around Vienna. We went to the palace and walked around the museum quarters. We then ate lunch in a place called Govinda – a hare rama, hare krishna place. Food was good and pretty cheap. It was a pure veggie place. Luckily we did not get any preaching.

We then walked around to the parliament building. Pretty decent building with an awesome fountain in front. We then went to a nice cafe called Haas and Haas – I had a pretty good hot chocolate. My wife had an awesome waffle icecream. We then continued on to the outdoor Vienna market – Naschmarkt. It was an awesome experience. We had gone to one such market in Florence but my wife was not amused with all the meat in the butcher shops (most were butcher shops) and so we avoided one in Venice. The Vienna one was awesome – we had some falafels. My wife then ate in an Indian restaurant called the Indian Pavilion at one end of the market. I went over to an open shop and ate a falafel sandwich. It was pretty good – it had a huge slab of cheese which made it even better. One other must visit place if you go to Vienna.

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3 Comments on “Two days in Vienna – 2”

  1. Anand Subramani Says:

    Hi Guppy,

    r u also planning to go to Salzburg? do not miss the von trapp family house and also Mozart’s places around there.


  2. Guppy Says:

    Unfortunately I am not going there. I just hit Vienna before flying off to Lyon. I am in Paris now :).

  3. Dennis Kucera Says:

    Just wanted you to know that for years I have used the word “dunch” to describe a meal after lunch but before dinner. It’s much more appropriate than “Linner” don’t you think?

    We’ll be in Vienna for two days in October. I hope to take in a museum and a concert while there. Would you say the “Wienerschnitzel” is worth ordering or would you recommend something else while dining in Vienna?

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