Two days in Vienna – 1

I know I have not written about Venice but let me write about Vienna while it is still fresh in my memory.

Vienna was easily the most beautiful city I have visited on my trip so far. Beautiful, with a lot of history but at the same time really modern. If you are planning on visiting Europe for an extended period – make this part of your itinerary. Yes, it might not be as famous as Rome or Paris, but I think that is really not fair to the place.

We stayed in a really awesome hotel – Hotel Schloss Wilhelminenber. It is located pretty far from the center of the city but it was in a stunning location. We got the feeling it was in a hill station.  It does take a little effort to find it if you are taking public transport from the airport.

We were so tired of all the museums and cathedrals that we decided to reduce our visits to these till we reach Paris. (I have become so cultured that I have set aside 10 hours to watch WWF when I get back. I might still not become uncultured enough but at least it gives me a reason to watch it :))

The first evening we went to the city and walked around. We did come outside the huge cathedral which I will write about a little later. It was a little windy and chilly, so we went to a place mentioned in Lonely Planet to have a Falafel. Wow – we were really impressed. The place is called Maschu Maschu. It was easily one of the best Falafel sandwiches I have had. Please note that I have had a couple in different places in Kuwait. It was also so filling that we decided to forgo dinner in favour of an icecream. My wife promptly showed me how not to eat an ice cream by breaking off the bottom of the cone and ended up dumping most of it. I had fun eating my entire cone in front of her :).

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2 Comments on “Two days in Vienna – 1”

  1. senthil V Says:

    rotfl on the eating from the bottom of cone ice-cream

  2. Guppy Says:

    My wife is not amused. No filter coffee for you for the next one year :).

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