Home sick

All these days away from home is making us both really homesick. She is also a little sick of me by now – making her walk everywhere :).

I really miss all the sports news. We were eating in Florence when an Aussie we met there told us India had won the cricket series. I was feeling really pissed that I hadnt read about that. Then came the worst blow of them all – Packer God had retired. Brett Favre cant retire. If I had been in Madison, I would have made a trip to Green Bay to convince him otherwise :). Kidding aside, that was a really low blow. I still have not recovered from that. If I were in US, I would have read all these news articles and probably plenty more. Aaahh.

I should also say that I am shocked I have one thousand hits. Nice of all of you to visit my blog and thanks for all the comments, questions etc.

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4 Comments on “Home sick”

  1. senthil V Says:

    Yours is probably the only blog thats getting updated this frequently when compared to the few others that I frequent. Since its been quite long you probably forgot about the nicities here – the windchills, the icy roads and greenbriar’s non luxury being the only historical building around:)..

  2. Guppy Says:

    True but it still gets a little too hectic. We are reaching the stage where we are not having as much fun as we did initially. Of couse, that will probably change when we hit Paris – at least I hope so.

  3. catcharun Says:

    senthil..u just posted what one can possibly blog about sitting here — the windchills, the icy roads and long staring contests with the walls in our houses…

    gups – lakers are on top of the west..so yeah there is nothing to talk about sports..really

  4. Guppy Says:

    Brett Favre retired. That is huge news dude. But all said and done, it is getting a little tiring just going around from one city to another. 23 days is defnitely too long a time. Might have worked if we had gone to a beach station and sat around for the whole time :).

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