A day in Pisa

Our trip through Italy took us to Pisa on one of the days. It was really gorgeous. Small town and really beautiful. We took a train to Pisa from Florence. It took us something close to an hour. We got totally confused with our buses but after a fun filled 20 mins we were standing outside the leaning tower.

I now realize why it is so famous – it is not really easy to describe in words. Obviously some idiot messed up which was why it started leaning. I was glad to hear that the tilting had been halted. I even got a cool snap of me trying to push the leaning tower – if it doesnt look as cool as I describe it, you can blame my wife.

Since we had the whole day ahead of us, I got us tickets to the leaning tower and all the other extras around there. The idea was to cover everything so that we can say we have seen all the sights in at least one city :). If our travel ever brings us to Italy again, we will not be compelled to go here.

We went to the bapistry first because we were allocated a specific time to go up the tower and we had more than an hour to kill. We then climbed the leaning tower – not an easy task since it had more than 330 steps and everything was tilted. Well after a tough climb, it was awesome to reach the top. The view from there was fantastic. Both my wife and I loved it and got ourselves a couple of snaps. We then started the decent down – personally I have to say that I always get more pain in the leg when I climb down the stairs.

After an awesome lunch in Trattoria La Buca (one of the best pizzas according to my wife), we went to the two museums. One was pretty nice (Museo dell Opera del Duomo) while the other was either not so interesting or we were too tired to view it. I will say it is the first – if you want to avoid something and not spend money, this is the one. We also visited the Cathedral which was pretty impressive. Apparently, the leaning tower of Pisa was built as a support structure for the Cathedral. Obviously, we know which is more famous now.

It was probably one of the more tiring days of our trip but well worth it.

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  1. Petered Says:

    thats it, brother

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