Florence is definitely one of the most architecturally beautiful cities I have been to. I went there without doing too much research but it has enough things to do for a lot of days.

We stayed in this really beautiful hotel called Hotel Il Guelfo Bianco.

The first day we went around the cathedral – wow, that was one of the most impressive buildings I have seen. It was right in the middle of Florence. Absolutely impressive. We walked the streets for a couple of hours. We then ate in a small place called Il Tratattino or something of that sort. It had a special review in Lonely Planet and I could not resist. The panini was just 2.50 and was awesome. My wife thought it was not great but I ended up eating there 3 times – twice without my wife :).

The first day we went to the Uffizi – wow that was one awesome gallery. We waited outside for close to an hour for tickets – I was too cheap to pay the extra 3 bucks per ticket to book in advance. We spent close to 3 hours there – by the end of it, we were really hungry and thirsty. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take in water or food. And no pictures also – kind of disappointing but we would probably have been dead if we had waited to take pics. We had lunch in some random place and then we went out to a bridge designed by Michelangelo called Ponte Vecchio. Totally cool. We then spent some time outside the palace and then went to a basillica. The paintings were really awesome.

One sad part about Italy that I should have known before I went there – most museums are closed on Mondays. Stupid. Anzway, our second day we went to Pisa because everything was open there on Monday. I will post about that in a separate post. I should mention that we had dinner in this awesome place called Antico Noe (back in Florence). Food was simply out of the world. If u ever head to Florence, eat there. My wife recommends the Bruchetta – it was mind blowing. I have to add that it was the best I have had – after trying it in 20 different olive gardens and macaroni Grills :).

The third day was spent mostly walking around Florence, visiting a couple of museums and basillicas. I am feeling too lazy to give the details but it was all fun. We had dinner in this really nice place called Pizzeria Natalino or some such place. It was really good – my wife wants me to add that the eggplant parmesan was simply mindblowing.

One other place vegetarians might want to go if u are strapped for money is a place called Restaurente Self Serve Leonardo. It was decent food and stinking cheap – we did that one day just to try it out.

I will update the blog with the exact place we went to on the last day.

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8 Comments on “Florence”

  1. Senthil Says:

    I wonder how grilled halibut would have tasted in such places:)

  2. Anand Subramani Says:


    if possible, try visiting the places mentioned in the Dan Brown books, most of them are around Rome/Vatican, i think. you could refer to the Illuminati on google. the description was superb.

  3. Sangeetha Says:

    Did you purchase a pass or individual tickets for your trip?

  4. Senthil Says:

    Why is my comment waiting moderation while Sangeetha’s got accepted?!!! Dude, I hope you arent checking US markets. I am seeing only red everywhere:)

  5. Guppy Says:

    Personally, I have no idea how grilled Halibut would have tasted. But I get the feeling that you would have loved Venice. They had so much fish hanging around that my wife got totally psyched.

  6. Guppy Says:

    Sangeetha, we bought a pass. I am not sure if there is a huge price difference but we travelled in first class which usually meant we had the whole compartment to ourselves or it was pretty empty. I dont know how the second class compartments will be.

    One thing though – you can come here also and book tickets. Only hassle is that you will have to wait in line – we just walked into the trains as long as it was not one of those fast trains.

  7. Guppy Says:

    Mani boy, we are already well past Rome. We will attempt things in Paris – visit the museum and see if I can see the remains of a nude man :).

  8. Guppy Says:

    Senthil, your comments require moderation because you are not as special as Sangeetha :).

    Kidding aside, I think if you use the same login, you will not need moderation. Your comment on one of the previous posts did not need moderation.

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