Observations about Rome

I have come to the conclusion that Rome is like a first world Chennai.  For those who dont know my love for Chennai – this is definitely a compliment. If Chennai ever becomes a first world city, I envision it like Rome – hopefully without the pickpockets etc. But I guess we have that anyway.

If you are planning on visiting Rome, my suggestion is that you will need at least 2 days to take in everything. Lunch should be had outside – get a pizza or something else and eat outside.

Dont be a cheap ass and try to walk everywhere especially if you are married :). Buy a day pass for the bus and keep shuttling around – it makes a lot more sense and is a lot easier on everyone. Take it from me – I have decided to do that everywhere.

Dont eat near the tourist locations. You will pay a lot for crappy food. The two restaurants we went to were based on suggestions from Lonely planet – food was awesome and the ambience was great in at least one of the places. The other one, I liked but I can see why some other people might not appreciate it. It was a little crazy :).

Also, expect to spend at least 75 Euros a day excluding your stay.  

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2 Comments on “Observations about Rome”

  1. senthil V Says:

    If Chennai = Rome then Coimbatore=Mumbai and Pollachi=Pune:)

  2. catcharun Says:

    i hope chennai never becomes a first world city…it is awesome as it is..

    senthil..u’r knowledge of math is even more appalling than i thought..

    If chennai ||| Rome then Coimbatore any city (ever)

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