Friends, Romans and Countrymen

Second day in Rome went a lot better than the first day. We had talked to Roberto, our totally cool hotel guy and set it up so we can leave our luggage and go around on Saturday if necessary but I wanted to cover everything if possible. After an early breakfast, we set out to the main forum. After searching around a bit and with a bugged missus next to me (blaming me for not asking for directions), I managed to find the forum. It was all ruins and initially we were put off. I forked over 4 euros for a recorded guide and went in. I should say it was pretty cool – there were so many old buildings and significant stuff that I will not try and cover everything here. The highlight was the temple of Julius Ceaser and of course the podium where Mark Anthony was supposed to have given speech in Shakespeare’s book. I wanted to give my own speech but then thought the better of it :). Now what would be a good title for that one …

From there we went to the Pantheon. Anytime a building is more than 2000 years old and it is in fine shape, it gets all my attention. Actually this was the first such one I have seen – awesome building. If you visit Rome, you should definitely make this part of your plans. Pretty impressive – we met an American who had gone around India and told us we will never see another like this even in our country. It does make you feel bad when someoen else has gone around India more than you have.

Next we went to the fountain Trevi – the lonely planet said it was made famous by some actress frolicking in the fountain. I wanted to also frolick but my wife put an end to those plans. So instead I decided to just take some photographs. Awesome fountain – boy what efforts to build one. Now I wish my former home in Madison – GreenBriar village also has one such fountain. Well – you can only hope.

We got caught in some rain and so my wife was not pleased about proceeding on to the Spanish steps. I was forced to walk up and down the steps by myself. Pretty beautiful location but nothing great to write about.

Last we went to Piazza Navanno – it was a relaxing 2 hours that we spent there listening to a couple of folks playing some musical instrument. It was pretty cool – awesome place to hang out.

Finally we had dinner in a place called DitoRambo. I was hoping it had something to do with Sly Stallone but nope – no such luck. Food was awesome though – really cool veggie options. Even the wife was impressed and we all know how important (and impossible) that is. Of course, she did not approve the fact that I had wine but one cant have everything.

Anyway, we finally called it a day and decided to head back. We also checked out the station before we went so we could head out the next day to Florence (or Firenze in Italian).

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3 Comments on “Friends, Romans and Countrymen”

  1. Ramya Says:

    Hey .. sounds like a lot of fun. And just ‘coz you are the writer here, it doesn’t mean you portray yourself as coolbeans while making her the bad sport 🙂

  2. senthil V Says:

    nice to see ur updates frm foriegn lands. keep posting.

  3. Sangeetha Says:

    Good to see your updates. Keep posting

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