Rome – 1

Rome in my opinion is definitely one of the more beautiful cities in the world. It is a mixture of really great architecture and modern life right in the middle of it.

Currently, we are put up in a hotel called Matisse properties – decent place. Not too expensie. It advertises itself as a bed and breakfast and so I will not compare it to other bed and breakfasts. This is my first. Anyway, this place is no frills but the owner, Roberto is awesome. He does his best to make you feel at home. It has some great upsides and downsides. Upsides – great location, pretty clean rooms and Roberto is a huge plus. On the negative side, there are no phones in the room (probably they dont exist in B&B) and there are no elevators. My wife is not particularly pleased about that – having to climb a couple of floors just to have breakfast. Of course, getting Tiramisu for breakfast cools her down immediately :). Personally I like the place and would definitely come back. It is always nice to see a friendly face and someone willing to help in a new city where language is a huge problem.

On the first day we went to the Vatican. Wow – it was definitely an experience. St. Peter’s cathedral was awesome – there was a bus from outside our hotel to the place. It was a really impressive building and it had some really cool paintings and carvings. Admission was free which made it even better for a cheap ass like me. We then walked over to the Vatican museum. There are no words to describe the art in the museum. If you want to see one thing in Rome, it is the Last Judgement. Definitely made it my day. The museum was huge and had some interesting art collection – if you are into art, you should definitely add this to your itinerary. Please note that you need to pay 14 euros per head to get in + 6 Euros for the recorded guide.

After a brief lunch in some random pizzeria, we went over to the Collosseum. I explained everything I knew about it to my wife and she was horrified that people actually sat and watched people getting killed. She even made the comment that I would never do that. I reminded her that I was the result of 2000 more years of evolution at which point I realized that is a sad thing too :). If after 2000 years, you get me, you are not getting much as you go forward. Anyway, make this a must visit if you are in Rome.

Dinner, we went to this awesome pizzeria called Pizzeria da Buffetto. It was more my kind of place – loud, noisy and as crazy a place as you will find. We were put in a table with another family (French I think) and someone took the orders for our pizza. The order appeared in 45 minutes – pizza was really thin but it was awesome. They had quite a few veggie options. People were bustling about, hollering and having lots of fun doing that. The owner was right in the middle of things, cooking, cleaning etc. Loved it. My wife hated it but I got to choose the place so she was forced to live with it. If you have been to Madison and loved Mikey’s Blue Diary bar, you should definitely go here. Trust me on this one. If you are looking for something romantic and are pretty much on your last chance, avoid it :).

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4 Comments on “Rome – 1”

  1. catcharun Says:

    wait there are no phones and yet you type this far did you have to walk to post this and how much did u pay… i’m sure u already looked it up but the fontana di trevi is s’posed to be great as well..

    ok.i’m going over to sentil’s for some coffee and vetti arattai..

  2. Guppy Says:

    Nope – Internet was free in the hotel. They had a MAC – you will be happy to know that. Anyway, my future posts will start costing me so I will limit myself.

  3. Sangeetha Says:

    By the way how was the weather? Do you need a jacket?

  4. Guppy Says:

    Weather is pretty cold. It drizzled a bit in all three places and you will definitely need a fall jacket in Rome/Florence and a sweater with jacket in Venice.

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