Long flight and getting swindled

Boy, whatever you do, dont fly with 8 hour halts in between flights. This is especially true if your company is paying for it – we have an 8 hour halt in Ireland and it has not been too much fun – especially when you dont get enough sleep on the flight.

We are flying Aer Lingus – the flight to Dublin was not bad. The flight to Rome was a little cramped but we got our suitcases and all that. So it was awesome. At this point, I didnt see a reason for some of the bad reviews about Aer Lingus – they were pretty decent and for a budget traveller like me, they work just fine. Now if they have a flight to India, I might just take it as long as it is cheap and doesnt have an 8 hour stay in Dublin. I should complain about the computer used for the internet connection in Dublin. They had the keys on top of the numbers different – boy, I was trying to send an email and could not find the @ symbol. I just copied and pasted it because I was on clock to get things done fast. I was paying for that and did not want to pay too much for browsing the internet standing up. Instead of standardizing the various document formats, can we standardize the keyboards.

Anyway, once we reached Italy, we got promptly swindled. We paid the cab driver 60 bucks and he did the switcharoo, changed the 50 to a 10 and claimed us we had given him only 20. After a bit, we ended up paying him another 50 bucks – there was not much I could do and my wife was too tired. I should have filed a complaint but … Anyway, we ended up paying him 80 euro instead of the sum of 60 after some more argument. Overall, I was not too happy and my wife was probably pissed with me, though she was too nice to give me too much grief about it.

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One Comment on “Long flight and getting swindled”

  1. catcharun Says:

    sweet..love this update..hope your remaining updates are just as long

    remember the on-screen keyboard in times like that…it is in accessories –> accessibility settings…though it probly wont help much if that one’s irish as well

    20 euros is like a bazillion dollars..too bad….something similar happened to me..in india of all places when i got fooled paying Rs150 for a prepaid auto based on a board written up in telugu..

    hows the weather there..more snow here today

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