How many times have you gone to a place where you had great memories and you start remembering things? This has never happened to me and so I assumed most of it was just in movies. Well, it did happen to me last week and I am still coming to grips with the feeling.

I had gone down to Chicago to get a visa and on my way back, my wife asked me to show her around UIC before driving back. I drove her around parts of the campus and all of a sudden I had so many memories come flooding back. I guess I usually look at these places with a detached feeling but not this time. As I gave her a tour of the place I lived, parts of the campus, etc so many memories …

  • My first day in the US when I went to the house I was hosted for a few days. I remember I was so hungry after my flight and expected food to be ready – well I was in for a major disappointment and nearly ready to beg for my mom :).
  • My first walk through the project area – one of my seniors, my roomie from UIC and I were walking along – we saw bullet holes on the walls. That was a huge shock – how many people have seen that in India? My then roomie even claimed he saw someone cleaning a gun. The campus has changed so much that very few of those old buildings are still standing.
  • My first cheap ass lunch – couldn’t afford much as a grad student without financial aid. The day I got my assistantship was so special – I wanted to call up my parents and tell them everything – unfortunately it was well past midnight in India and I couldn’t call them. I couldn’t tell my friends either – they were still looking for funding. Aah the conundrum.
  • The first time I cooked – if any of my roommates read this, I will let them describe the sad incident :).
  • My first visit to some of the buildings, my first job at the hospital, my first pay check, great friendships along the way – all came flooding back.

I always thought that I was too insensitive to have such feelings but even I can be wrong. Surprising but apparently it happens :).

Well I am back to running more than 20 miles a week. Saturday, I did 9.85 miles and Monday I ran 5.05 miles. It feels so good to be back running :).

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