Amazon reader – The Kindle

I read about this thing in the article below. I was really intrigued by the whole thing. I love reading books and this would definitely be a welcome addition if it is actually as good as advertised. And I dont have to move all my books everytime I move houses.
Newsweek article

Unfortunately there are somethings that will prevent me from buying it 

  1. The cost- there is no way I am paying 399 to buy this thing. As impressive as the reader sounds, the price in itself is a killer. I am sure other people will buy it but ..
  2. The books cost 9.99. That is a tad too much. The only books I will pay that price for are textbooks. Everything else is second hand – and I pay half the price of the paperback or less (If you are in Madison, you should visit this totally cool shop called Frugal Muse which has the best collection of books at insane prices.)
  3. The book collection sucks.
  4. DRM is the worst idea ever.
  5. I cant share my books. I am not going to lend my entire kindle to someone if they want to read a book.
  6. And what is with the name. I think it is one of the more unappealing things in there. Maybe it will catch on but it doesnt have the coolness factor of an IPod.

I hope someone comes up with a competition for this – Apple are you listening. At least you will drive the price down and I will buy one or the other. The other possibility and the more likely one is that Apple will price it so high that the Kindle will look like a bargain and I will just buy it :).

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3 Comments on “Amazon reader – The Kindle”

  1. catch Says:

    guess this is late..but read the article linked to this article:

  2. catch Says:

    oh and somehow liked the older design more..this one is a little too common

  3. senthil V Says:

    i like this new design. wonder why there is no blog update today:)

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