Missing my runs

I am starting to miss my runs. It has been more than a week since I ran and I dont see myself running for another 3 weeks. It will be the longest I have gone without running in a 2 years. 

There are a couple of factors contributing to this. Chennai is not a city that is conducive for runners. There are no big parks – the ones close by are so small that I can cover the loop in less than 10 seconds (and no I have not morphed into Ryan Hall).  The streets are full of stray dogs – I feel so frightened walking that I am not going to start running. I thought nothing will stop me from running but I was wrong. The one place I could run – inside Loyola college has been made inaccessible for some random security reasons. So people cannot go in and walk. Sucks doesnt it.

I found this cool runners website for chennai but cant send those guys a message – stupid website crashes on me –  Chennai Runners. I should have done this earlier. All their starting points seem infeasible because of the distance from my house but I might just bite the bullet and attempt to go to those places. At least I have a lesser chance of being chased by a dog – as my friend would say, as long as you are not the slowest on the road, you should be fine :). I will try to see if their website is fine tomorrow.

I miss my runs :(.

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