Weight loss – bad?

I know most of you are wondering why I asked this  question. Well, if you have read any of my older posts, you know that I like to run a lot. This is actually a recent development (if 2 years can be considered recent). I started running in June or July of 2005. First it was baby steps and it took me a whole year before I could run any significant distance (4+ miles). The biggest reason was that I was too heavy. I was close to 200 pounds and going up :). I miss those days when I would eat anything and everything with complete abandon.

So after I took up running and lost quite a bit of weight. I went from waist size 42+ to my current lean, mean 34 ;). I am also pretty sure I am a lot stronger than before – I can definitely lift at least twice as much as I did before. When you start out struggling to lift 20 pounds, it does not sound like a great achievement but it is for me.

When I came home this time, my parents, especially my mom is convinced that I have become too thin. My periamma (mom’s elder sis) also is convinced. They feel I have become feeble and weak. Here I was assuming I look a little bigger, maybe with slightly broader shoulders (at least relative to my waist :)) and looking lean and muscular. When I told them I needed to lose at least another 10 kilos (22 pounds for all you unit challenged folks out there), I think they both flipped. They have been tag teaming me trying to convince me that I am too weak and should not lose more weight. The fact that I am not feeling hungry because of jet lag has convinced them that something  is wrong and that I lost weight because I am starving myself. They have hired helpers – my dad came in today and told me he thought I looked great and should not lose anymore weight. My cousin also mentioned the same.

This is getting a little weird. All my life, people have tried to push me towards losing weight. My parents, relatives, good friends, their parents,  doctors, the poor rickshaw wallah who had to take me to school, all the guys who saw me biking/walking to school – you name it and they have advised me about my weight. Well a lot of people did this in not so kind words but still you get the idea. If the dogs on the street could talk, I am sure they would have told me ‘Dude – you are too heavy’. I have heard a lot of interesting rhymes made up about my weight :).

It definitely feels like I have come a full circle. Not that it is going to stop me from attempting to lose the excess weight but now that I have reduced from excessively obese to slightly overweight, I can at least concentrate on just running longer and stronger. That is if I dont gain another 10 pounds in the few days I am here.

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3 Comments on “Weight loss – bad?”

  1. Senthil V Says:

    well written thoughts. but i think its just because people arent used to your current shape. its the same thing that happens when people shave the mush after long time. u are the inspiration for me to work out. so continue the mission:)

  2. Guppy Says:

    Will do da. Will do. I am not planning on stopping now – I have come too far.

  3. catcharun Says:

    senthil and i were looking at some photos from our spring break trip in cali and boy, have you changed..like senthil says, just give them some time and they’ll get used to it..

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