Honking in Chennai

I have been going out for walks these days and the thing that I notice most is that drivers are really into honking. It was pretty bad when I was a kid – now it feels even worse. In my opinion, this is probably because of the insane incease in traffic but it could also very much be the fact that I have become a snob.

I have always gotten wild ideas when I go out on a run. Since the run has been replaced by my walks at least while I am in Chennai, I have started letting my mind wander. I think I have a new idea to improve efficiency of vehicles – somehow convert the sound energy from the horn into electrical energy that gets fed back into the vehicle :). Seriously, someone should consider this.

An average motorist probably honks at least 50 times while using 1 – 2 litres of petrol – at least that is the feeling I get. It might just mean that they have to push the horn a little harder. Now, I am sure motorist will be ok to push the horn a little harder if it is actually going to improve the efficiency of their vehicle. It is a perfect win win – either the motorist avoids honking as much because of the effort involved thus reducing the noise pollution or we reduce emissions thus reducing air pollution. Come on – we need someone with a non computer science background to come up with a working model. I promise not to patent the idea if it reduces the pollution.

Of course, a smart dude like me might just plug my ears, tie something to my horn to keep it going throughout my ride and pick up the efficiency. So we will need to work around this.

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